The Book of Enoch. Chapter 77.


1. They called the first quarter eastern because it is the first, and they call the second the south because there the Most High descends, and there especially the one who is blessed forever descends.

2. And the western quarter is called waning because there all the lights of Heaven wane and go down.

3. And the fourth quarter, named the north, is divided into three parts. And the first of them is the dwelling place for men; and the second contains seas of water, and the deeps, and the forests, and rivers, and darkness and mist; and the third part contains the Garden of Righteousness.

4. I saw seven high mountains, which were higher than all other mountains on the earth; and from them snow comes. And days and times and years, pass away and go by.

5. I saw seven rivers on the earth, larger than all the other rivers; one of them comes from the east and pours out its waters into the Great Sea.

6. And two of them come from the north to the sea and pour out their water into the Erythraean Sea in the east.

7. And the remaining four flow out on the side of the north, to their seas, two to the Erythraean Sea, and two into the Great Sea, and they discharge themselves there, and not into the wilderness, as some say.

8. I saw seven large islands, in the sea and on the land, two on the land, and five in the Great Sea.